Running a Business

Online Business

Creating an online presence for your business can open up a wide range of opportunities. You may just use it as a marketing tool, or you may use it to engage in e-commerce, where you sell your products or services online.
While entering the digital world may seem daunting, it could be easier then you think - and there are plenty of resources available and advice to help you!
The following tips and resources are designed to help you get underway:


To make the most of your business’ online activities you should look at developing a plan, such as an Online Business Plan or a Digital Strategy. This should include what you are hoping to achieve through your digital activities, and how you plan to achieve them.

Government Resources to help you create an Online Business Plan:

Use the ‘Online Business Plan’ template on the Australian Government’s Digital Business website


One of the simplest ways to get your business online is by developing a simple website.

There are a number of things to consider for your website such as budget, the purpose of the website, how will it look and what information you will put on it.

One of the key advantages of online business activity, particularly websites, is the capacity to track and measure business performance, such as how many people are visiting, how long they are staying and what they are clicking on. Some website hosting companies provide analytics tools, however there are also other alternatives such as Google Analytics or Yahoo! Web Analytics

Social media

Social media is just one more way your business can create an online presence. This is often quite an effective, low-cost option that can be a way to create a connection with your customers.

There are a number of different social media platforms, the most popular ones include: