Running a Business

Environmental Sustainability

Your business depends on and affects the environment in many ways. By being environmentally sustainable you can save money, get good publicity and attract new customers.

You could have an office with recycled furniture, instead of a new fit out, or save power by turning off machines not in use and use less water and packaging.

An environmentally friendly business that uses resources efficiently is more likely to minimise environmental risks.

Sustainable purchasing is an excellent way to reduce impacts on the environment. Check with your suppliers to see if their products are made from recycled materials and research which suppliers have the least impact on the environment.


  • Contact Council to see what advice, programs, awards and grants are available for local businesses.
  • Make your environmental policy clear to staff so they know what they can do to help.
  • Use signs around your business and advertising on your website, packaging and invoices/receipts to tell customers what you are doing to help support the environment.
  • Encourage suppliers to help you; for example, your email sign-off could include a request not to print emails unless necessary.