About the Region

Economic Data

The first Pittwater Economic Development Plan 2012–2016  developed by Pittwater Council is to provide a positive framework and direction to guide, support, profile and promote business and sustainable economic development in Pittwater. The Plan seeks to create an  environment that promotes business growth, investment and employment generation and integrate with regional and state initiatives.  It is also linked to Council’s long-term goals, strategies and outcomes. The Plan highlights the contribution of businesses to the Pittwater community and describes the role businesses play in building strong, vibrant village communities.

Pittwater Council provides local businesses with a suite of tools to better understand their communities and economy and how they are changing.

Businesses and investors can use these tools to provide extensive data on local industry and economic performance, industry sectors, employment characteristics, infrastructure and assets.

Use the resources to help you keep abreast of key economic changes, future forecasts and provide sound data for your business decision-making.